May 12, 2011

PlateSpin products rebranded from Novell to NetIQ (UPDATED)

On November 22, 2010 Attachmate announced a definitive agreement to acquire Novell, including its portfolio of PlateSpin products. Now that the acquisition is complete, new details are emerging around Attachmate's strategy with the PlateSpin portfolio of products, which Novell acquired in 2008 for $205M. It now looks like PlateSpin products are being consolidated under NetIQ.

NetIQ was acquired by Attachmate on April 27, 2006 for approximately $495 million. The company has been around since 1995, employs approximately 1000 people and has mature systems and security management product lines. PlateSpin portfolio of products is a welcome extension, especially in areas of workload migration and disaster recovery.

Novell brand has been replaced by the NetIQ brand across PlateSpin products listed on the NetIQ website:

As of today, NetIQ still contains limited information about PlateSpin products online and points to Novell's website for more information. However, it is becoming clear how Attachmate will try to maximize the synergies between NetIQ and PlateSpin product lines under a single NetIQ brand, despite the historical strength of the Novell brand. Now we just need to wait for the official press announcement.

Update (May 18, 2011)

Today NetIQ confirmed that it will add the above products as well as other Novell products to its business unit solution portfolio.

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