May 18, 2009

Liquidware Labs acquiring vmSight

In April 2009 Tyler Rohrer reached out to Lanamark from VMware with an interest in exploring a "partnership." For those of you who do not know Tyler, he used to work as the Director of Business Development at Foedus which was acquired by VMware in January 2008. Shortly after reaching out to Lanamark, Tyler became the Founder and COO at Liquidware Labs Inc. With a little more research, here is the picture that is emerging:

  1. Liquidware Labs was founded by Tyler Rohrer and David Bieneman, former CEO of Vizioncore which was acquired by Quest Software also in January 2008. This is evident from the SEC filing by Liquidware Labs where both Tyler and David are listed as "Related Persons."
  2. Tyler Rohrer openly mentions in his LinkedIn profile that “First order of business was purchasing vmSight” and underscores this further in his short biography on
  3. Jonathan Alexander, currently listed as CEO of vmSight is also linked to Liquidware Labs. This is evident from Jonathan’s VMworld registration on April 9, 2009 which lists his company as vmSight / Liquidware Labs Inc.
  4. The SEC filing by Liquidware Labs indicates that the company just raised $526,316, most likely to acquire the assets of vmSight.
  5. Registered address in the SEC filing is the same as the address of vmSight headquarters.

It would come as no surprise if Liquidware Labs starts offering a desktop virtualization solution to service providers (Project Apache) that will compete with Lanamark and our flagship Lanamark Suite offering with integrated Desktop Analysis Pack designed to help solution providers accelerate delivery of desktop virtualization services to enterprises.

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